Rick Wilhite – Analog Aquarium 2×12″ / CD – Still Music

Fourth member of the Three Chairs collective (alongside Kenny Dixon Jr.Marcellus Pittman, and Theo Parrish), Rick Wilhite has finally produced his debut album, a scant 15 years after his first credited releases.  He’s a veteran who knows his way around the decks as well as the studio, and this savvy shines through in his floor-ready tracks: they’re all heavy on groove and while they fit in to the deep-house bracket, they’re have an earthy character that sets them apart.

It’s an amorphous and highly varied album, moving effortlessly between the Amp Fiddler improv funkadelia of Muzic Gonna Save The World Pt. 1, the stripped-down Levon Vincent dub of Cosmic Soup, the giddy filter-house of In The Rain, and the Three Chairs dusty cabinet funk of City Bar Dancing and Dark Walking (a collaboration with Marcellus Pittman.)

“The Godson” seems to have such command of his paradoxically clean and dirty sonics that he navigates effectively from tracks that sound like roughly stitched-together sketches to those that feel like fully-arranged studio compositions.  Most of all, this album represents coherently so many of the records that he would play in a dancefloor set, with its moments of building tension, moments of steady groove, of jubilance, and of sweaty release.

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