Old and Rare Work by Jordan Fields on Klapmaster

Klapmaster continues their string of releasing lost, rare and unreleased tracks from Chicago artists with this EP “Unknown Klassics Vol. 1″ by Jordan Field’s.  Featuring some of Fields’ more raw and oscillating early works, this EP has some excellent musical moments on it. Each track is full of the spirit that bedroom production brings to the table.

Side A contains two tracks with rolling, snaking basslines that weave their way through the overdrive and around some nice, fuzzy, well programmed drum tones. Side B pounds a bit harder with a looped, tracky feel more akin to late nights in sweaty rooms. There is a bit of jack and a bit of acid but the tracks never loose their beauty.

There’s a lot to be said about all of the refined, precisely produced dance music there is out there these days. However, this music started in the bedrooms of young producers without MacBook Pro’s and Protools or Ableton and quite often, as this EP shows, it doesn’t take perfection to move people. Just heart, and a passion for making music with whatever you’ve got in front of you.

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