For the “Big Family EP” The Anologue Cops recruit Blawan and Ryan Elliott

So stick with me here as we do a bit of globe trotting… Italians Lucretio and Marieu now live in Berlin where they run their Restoration Records imprint and produce under the name The Analogue Cops. For this release on Restoration they have recruited the help of Yorkshire England’s Blawan for 2 cuts and Detroiter, now Berliner, Ryan Elliott for another two. Now that we’ve got all that straight lets talk about the record.

For the A side it’s Blawan’s turn up to assist. The first cut, “Good Stuff” features Blawan’s big and punishing up-front drum sounds around some washed out synth sounds and a vocal stab. This track is a techno pounder masquerading as a bumping house track and it works as both. The second cut “45 Dollars” isn’t necessarily playing around either. With a big 808esque kick and some deconstructing low-end warble this one winds its way around a nice piano line as fuzzed out percussion sounds scratch and roll beneath. When the vocal sample kicks in with its “45 dollar entry” refrain and the track rebuilds subtly around it you wait for the big beat to drop in again, but the boys only tease you with it as the track mellows to a close.

On the flip Ryan Elliott takes over the co-pilot seat for “To The Park” and “Let Me Count.” In “To The Park” we get a nasty (in a good way), Chicago-esque jacker built around some jazz piano samples, a screaming vocal snippet and a pretty serious off kilter sub-bass line that shows Elliott’s Detroit influences. Finishing off the EP is “Let Me Think”, a more cerebral track than any other on the EP that winds around some interesting use of sounds and stabs to create a composition much greater than the sum of its parts.

This is a really nice EP, where the tracks take you places you don’t expect and some risks are taken to push you out of your comfort zone. If you’re looking for the place where house/techno music may be going in 2012, this may not be a bad place to start.

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