Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs meander in the Garden w/ Soul Clap

Its no surprise that Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard found this fellow, Orlando Higginbotham (if that is even his real name), and signed T.E.E.D. The sound from this one man band is very reminiscent of Hot Chip’s dreamy electronic pop as evidenced by this single for “Garden”. This one features the guest vocal stylings of Luisa from Lulu & The Lampshades and is a nice uplifting romp through some indie dance stylings.

On the flip we get a remix from Soul Clap that really just “clubs up” the sound of the original adding some 90’s era percussion elements and dishing out the vocals in smaller quantities. If you like the original, you’ll like the remix.

This one is great for the IndieDance set and will put a smile on the face of anyone within earshot.

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