Get Down Edits vol 2 from Ireland’s Darrendaz Dalton

In my phone I keep a running list of all the songs I want to do edits of. First on that list for the past year (I’m slow at getting to them) has been Sade’s “Hang On To Your Love”. I can now cross that one off thanks to Ireland’s Darrendaz ‘Daz’ Dalton.

This is a sublime collection of really nice mellow, grooving edits from various artists. First we get Dalton’s slo-mo “Hang On”, followed up by Deep & Disco’s chop-up of The Pasadenas’ rare groove styled anthem “Tribute (Right On)” which gets a 4-to-the-floor kick that disco-tizes things into a great groove. On the flip we get another jam from Dalton in a killer take on Bobby Caldwell’s “Do For Love” where the vocal just straight up rises beautifully above a stripped down rebuilt groove. Finally its the housy-ist of the cuts in 78 Edits’ “Get Down Baby” that filters and cuts its way through a nice mid-tempo floor filler.

This one is a must have for edit fans and those that need a bit of soul in their sets or their lives.

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