Mr. Scruff – Feel It! b/w Bounce – Ninja Tune

I just love Mr. Scruff’s whole attitude towards DJing and production. He builds his own gear. He tours with his own homemade mixer that’s seemingly held together mostly by duct tape. He doesn’t really care much about blending, and lets many of his records play out to the end. He does all of his own artwork and videos. Really, watching him DJ is watching one of the best and most creative record selectors of our time where programming and the song are paramount to anything he may be doing technically.

So then he goes and makes this amazingly beautiful deep and shuffling house track called “Feel It!” and, believe me, there is no need for the exclamation point, because anyone who hears this will feel it. On the flip is a killer house stomper in “Bounce” built around some piano chords and nice analogue synth melodies. When that rising baseline and shuffling break kick in get ready to move your feet, because good things are coming.

I guarantee this is one of those records that will stick around for quite a while. Both sides are ace and transcend trends, probably because the man that made the music doesn’t care about them.

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