Omar S & Kai Alce – Jive Time – FXHE

I’m a huge fan of Omar S and this slab of really refined, yet raw house with former Detroiter Kai Alce is just more support that he has something really good going on in The Motor City.

Kicking things off is “Not Phazed” in which the pair revisit classic Detroit stylings with thoughtfully programmed drums, emotional synth strings and a dark running baseline that creates a dramatic foundation for the tracks overall uplifting feel. The B-side treats us to the title cut “Jive Time” which is a perfect soundtrack for the late, late night dancers who really feel the music in their soul. With a bit of jack to the drums, some really nice synth sounds and thoughtful programming this may be the highlight of the EP. The third cut titled “Incognito” is no slouch however. Built around a circular synth line and pounding kick, this one weaves its way in and out of tension slowly releasing and rising again building to a controlled chaos at the end.

This is one of those EPs that reminds you that this music should have a wider variety of emotion to it than just ecstacy and excitement and that there is still a need for subtlety and depth on the dancefloor.

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