Conducted Sampler 2 12″ – Music Man

Belgian Music Man imprint compiles some selections from Marcel Dettmann‘s “Conducted” mix for the vinyl audience.  To the Berghain resident’s credit, it’s an unpredictable collection with some range beyond banging techno.

The Toupe Committee track sounds like a well-tuned tribute to AFX‘s Analog Bubblebath-era break-driven rave acid, newcomer Answer Code Request follows that up with a slowed-down garage / dubstep joint reminiscent of the hybrid style produced by artists like Roof Light and Late.  On the other side, Geigling’s Vril contributes an industrial techno barrage, and The Analogue Cops’ bizarre looped vocals and Dutch electro style round out the release.  The 12″ doesn’t fit neatly into categories, but is even handier in the box because of it.

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