Pilas – Burros 12″ – Shaddock

Pilas comes to us via Shaddock for his third release, his first for the label.  On the A-side, he finds himself knee-deep in the slow, grimy house stylings popularized by the Workshop crew, and true to form has landed the in-demand Kassem Mosse for a twisted re-work with granular vocal processing and an even lower BPM, as if taking the challenge of the slow, mental original and upping the ante.  On the flip, Pilas includes two more originals, both a bit uptempo from the A.  While perhaps more oriented towards the house heads, they both stay dark and atmospheric, rounding out a consistent sound for the EP.  Promising work from a relatively new artist, and with the imposing packaging and higher-profile remixer, it should be gaining him a broader audience.

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