Boo Williams’ love letter “Home Town Chicago” gets re-released!

In 1994 Boo Williams hit the scene with his debut release on Relief Records. Since then the Chicago native has played a pivotal role as part of the city’s second wave of house music. This re-release of his 1996 album “Home Town Chicago” on Anotherday Records is great evidence as to why he became so integral in not only supporting the Chicago sound’s past but also creating its future.

The LP’s uncomplicated arrangements, yet deep, driving sound harken back to the days where warehouse parties ruled supreme and you knew the sun was about to rise but you just couldn’t stop dancing. There’s great moments all over this LP and it truly shows that a passion for the music is far more important than studio magic any day.

This is an album that is just as good today as it was 16 years ago and was an excellent choice for Anotherday’s maiden release as the imprint begins to unearth forgotten classics. I look forward to seeing what other gems they may have for us in the future.

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