John Collins’ Edits on Sweat Records bring back the fun

Remember when House Music used to be fun and upbeat? When it used to be about a joyous gathering of all kinds of people to dance together to a beat? John Collins certainly does and he’s packed 3 EPs with good time edits guaranteed to get everyone smiling and moving. Many people forget that Detroit Techno’s early originators like “Mad Mike” Banks and Derwin “D-Ha” Hall also produced some of the region’s best Vocal House tracks, making this series right at home under the Underground Resistance umbrella.

For the Happy Vocals EP Collins has selected some real gems with the highlight for me being Bridget Grace’s “Love 2 The Limit.” This one features all the horn stabs, piano’s and longing female vocals your soul could hope for.

On The Happy Trax EP the standout for me is Collins’ cut-up of D-Ha, Mad Mike and Mike “Agent X” Clark’s “Rock Ya Body.” This one is just a thumpin’ house tune with cut up vocals and such a nice melody. Its the sound that many producers are trying to emulate today, but nothing is quite as good as the original.

For the last record in the series, The Soul City EP, its Robyn Lynn’s “Your Love Is So Good To Me” that really does it for me. Full of uplifting message, driving rhythms and organ stabs its a soulful jam that embodies the entire feeling of the series.

This is an excellent series of records featuring the lesser known uplifting sounds of Detroit and Chicago’s house scene of the 90’s. With so much talk about Deep House and Deep Disco these days, these records are a nice change of pace where the energy and expression are not reserved and the only seriousness is placed on having joyous, euphoric fun.

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