Ron Trent – Kids At Play 12″ – Electric Blue

Anyone that is familiar with Ron Trent‘s work understands that there is a consistent artistry with which he puts together every studio endeavor. His new project “Kids At Play” is no exception, however the usual organic and moody approach has been over turned for a thicker edgier treatment. It is a piece that should appeal to standard Trent fans and tech heads.

One sided and a dense shade of blue on the newly established  Electric Blue Limited imprint, “Kids At Play” is a system record employing a mesh of clicks and claps that sizzle, sparse evocative vocals, sporadic bass layered heavily over bass and a resounding thump. It calls to mind a stellar 1998 collaborative effort with underground producer Anthony Nicholson entitled “God Said” on Prescription Recordings. If you missed that release,  treat yourself to the future that is “Kids At Play.” Stunning.

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