Lady Blacktronika – The Ghost Spell According To… 12″ – Sound Black

Lady Blacktronika‘s vigorous variety of raw cut-and-paste deep house music seems to have really hit its stride with this release on her own Sound Black imprint. Braiding strands of gospel house, Detroit beat-down, and trippy deep grooves together for a sound signature all her own, her three solo tracks here each center around vocal textures. The samples are at once illuminating and ominous.

Fred P of Soul People Music has also been pulled in for a remix on this, his contribution stays uncharacteristically faithful to the original: he partially submerges the original sounds under a blanket of his customarily emotive chords, but the grit of Lady Blacktronika’s composition remains central. Clearly, she continues to hone her sound and this accomplished EP is a testament to that progress.

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