Vanguard Sound Vol 3 12″ – Vanguard Sound

The dark horse series “Vanguard Sound” has been establishing an aesthetic of gritty, almost militant house music. The sound here straddles the range of haunted acid, industrial electro, jack, and techno. Amir Alexander‘s imprint continues the trend with its third 12″.

As usual for the series, the tracks are varied and strong. DJ Spider’s Tribal Mechanism is an easy stand-out: as per the title it’s mostly based around organic drum samples in a variety of timbres, creating a faultless fusion with his frequently urban apocalyptic flair. Hakim Murphy‘s contribution is a creepy minimal acid house joint with a broken beat-underpinning. On the A-side, Chris Mitchell contributes a forceful and blocky industrial track. And to round out the four, the compilation opener by Amir Alexander is essential: based around a Malcolm X sample, it proclaims that “Violence is a part of America’s culture, it is as American as cherry pie.”

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