Obsolete Music Technology – Mmmmmusic 12″ – Emphasis

Emphasis proprietor and Obsolete Music Technology alter-ego Steven Tang has always taken a hardware-driven approach to dreamy techno, with melancholy chords and dry punchy drums that align him with the Model 500 ¬†and Rhythim Is Rhythim side of the Motor City’s lineage. Overall, this well-formed EP is no exception.

That said, the incorporation of the Chicago Skyway Pay Toll mix on the B side takes the release in a decidedly less-ethereal direction, he pulls the focus away from the drifting clouds of synth pads into a sharper realization of chopped drums and key-triggered vocal stabs. The title track gets the lions share of the playing time here, in addition to the rework, there’s an original version and ambient “Reprise” version included. Just as compelling, though, is “Distance:” an elegant, driven track much in the vein of ART or B12‘s best work.

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