NY Stomp’s “Can You Feel It EP” on Illusion Recordings

With a definite lean towards the 90’s house sounds of New York/New Jersey this takes Gerd back to his humble beginnings. Since his first tracks back in the early to mid 90’s the dutch producer  named Gert-Jan Bijl has dabbled in many musical genres and sounds, however here he goes back to his roots under the name NY Stomp.

With “The NY House Trak” Bijl pulls out all the stops; a heavily flanged hi-hat line, big distorted kick, stuttering synth, chord stabs and both female and male vocal elements calling you to “Feel the rhythm of the house.” That track is then remixed by none other than Nicholas, the italian don of the new yet old school sounding house sound. In his rework he takes a slightly smoother approach by adding a bit more rolling bassline and some more lush sounds in place of the straightforward punches of the original.

On the flip we get “Can You Feel It?”, which uses some of the same elements and ideas as “The NY House Trak,” however we treated to a slightly more updated and mental sound here. Its a bit more locked in than the others yet deeper. This one is for the fans of many of the Quintessentials releases of late. This one is followed up by a remix by DJ Aakmael which is quite nice. This one has got more of a Detroit feel to it with a soulful tinge that’s rough around the edges. While its the first cut’s pounding energy that will likely get the most play, the last one’s subtle depth is not to be ignored.

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