Mistakes Are OK – Mistakes Are OK Remixes 12″ – Hivern Discs

The twelfth or so release on the Spanish multimedia imprint, Hivern Discs, is a remix collection of the as-yet-unknown Mistakes Are Ok. Remixers are slow-burning underground favourites from all over, perhaps Barcelona with the semi-anonymous Downliners Sekt, Leipzig with Kassem Mosse & Mix Mup, and London with BNJMN. Likewise, each act takes the material in a different direction – the long side slows things down to a lurching crawl as KM / MM chops sounds into an idiosyncratic beatdown track, Downliners Sekt is a half-speed swing that will appeal to bass music followers, and BNJMN turns in one of his more straightforward tracks to date, bending the material into moody atmospheric house that would feel at home somewhere like Dial or Kompakt. With pretty monochrome packaging topping it off, this is a showy entry for the 3 year old label.

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