Windbreaker / Gel Set split 12″ – Seehrs

Alright! A split 12″ from the fiercely independent and psychedelic Seehrs imprint. A pair of tracks each from a pair of artists, 45rpm. The dagger side (Windbreaker) starts out with a heavily distorted, insistent, walloping beat that quickly falls in behind swirling peals of sawtoothed melody; the second track is an indecipherable vocoder and delay line over an eight-note bassline, reminiscent of the Suction or Ersatz Audio’s future-retro vision of electro pop, before ascending into soaring layers of crushed synthesizer melody.

By contrast, the grass side (Gel Set) is a pair of slowed down and spaced out joints, with murmured female vocals feeding into a reverberant echo chamber of druggy ambiance behind slowed-down lo-fi beats. As the summer gradually cools off, this could be a sleeper soundtrack for the come down.

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