Clark – Fantasm Planes 12″ – WARP

This latest effort from Clark follows the frequent WARP trend of using EP releases to connect the dots between conceptual jumps in full-length albums. In this case, Fantasm Planes could serve as a kind of bridge between the lumpy, modular, thunking bass thrash of Totems Flare and Turning Dragon and the warmer, more instrumental leaning of his new Iradelphic LP.

The EP is just as mathy as ever, with the time signature and cadence seeming to constantly contort around his roughly clipped samples and rotating monophonic melodies. It’s a scarred but beautiful vision, at moments (like on Pocket For Jack) reminiscent of a more menacing imagining of Boards Of Canada‘s psychadelia. At other times (as in the Secret Slow Show, a re-take of ‘Secret’ from Iradelphic) Clark starts to dip into the trippy indie rock of Mice Parade, Mum or Corker / Conboy, a sound he develops more fully in the full-length.

WARP loves its numerology, and this one lives up to its “333” catalog number with its murkily mesmerizing  magic.

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