Dreamlogic – Co-conspirator 12″ – CPKAY

Former Chicago resident Dreamlogicc puts out his sophomore EP on the local CPKay imprint, and it’s a heavy one. Deeper and more ominous than his Podval 12″ from earlier this year, the stamped-label design hints at his rugged DIY production style.

After opening with ION B, a bass-driven tune somewhere between Gescom and early Pole, the EP keeps a moody, spooky feeling for the duration. The title track leans a bit more towards Dreamlogicc’s footwork influences with the syncopated percussion patterns and dubstep bassline. The long-side drones along with creepy analog warbles and whirs that will immediately appeal to fans of Actress and Burnt Friedman. With hooks consisting only of menacing rolling bass and distorted sound effects, these are subliminal, subterranean tracks that seep in upon repeated listens.

Listen at GramaphoneRecords.com

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