Soul Capsule – Overcome 12″ – Trelik

From the stable of Baby Ford‘s understated Trelik imprint comes a long-awaited reissue of some of Soul Capsule’s earlier work. This pressing of Overcome gathers two of the three tracks from the 1999 EP of the same name. With each track clocking in at a relaxed 9 minutes, there’s still plenty of material worth checking out here.

They’re groovy, bouncing, minimal-leaning house tracks as Peter Ford and Thomas Melchior tend to produce when they work together, and these two songs are some of their more rose-tinted, works. Dreamily wistful and nostalgic, I’m not sure how well they fit in with the current resurgence of 90s house, but there is a low-key dancefloor appeal and subtle emotional resonance.
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