Queen! Loves Quirkiness

Queen! may sound like the Parisian club aux Champs Élysées, but the music and crowd at Smartbar are infinitely better: I wasn’t sure what to expect when I walked in to Smartbar on Sunday. I came with an open mind, ready to see what Scotty Brandon, Michael Serafini, Gay Marvine, and Ross Kelly had to offer. The music started off downtempo and got complex as the night went on, shifting the tone of the show with moody melodies and processed chords. Scattered pauses let the people in the crowd do their own thing while the DJs mingled with the party-goers.

The recent hair convention in Chicago brought several people from all over the country working in the hair industry to the show. Needless to say, they looked pretty sharp. A self-proclaimed child music prodigy spoke to me of his undying love of melody and how he believed being a musician was a truly noble feat. I didn’t disagree.

There were people getting hot and heavy in the corner, others chilling at the bar, and dancers front and center loving every second of this funky dance party. Energy peaked in the middle of the room and cascaded in waves back and forth between the person behind the turntables and the crowd, making this wordless human exchange that spells out good vibes. Vibes make or break interaction, and this one was nothing but positive.

Review of Queen! @ Smartbar March 10th 2013
Phonologue Preview

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