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There is much to be said about Anything Is Possible, an ethereal performance that marked Mix Mup’s debut on the Chicago house music scene. Also performing on the night were Lubin, Protman, m50, and Lokua (the latter providing live visuals.) Protman started off the night with some jagged sounds using a video game controller, leading into Mix Mup’s sharp, cutting-edge tracks. Euro house and Chicago house music both have roots in minimalism, and Mix Mup made that clear from the start. The Leipzig-based DJ set the mood for primetime with jarring transpositions, like UFO maracas and the amplified exhales of a descending deep-sea diver. Of Lokua’s visuals, Christopher Roberts said: “He does cool visuals. He’s got 12 fucking vinyls, he should be playing all night. The music was loud, the screen was big, and Lokua should’ve been mixing all night long.”

People passed by the club outside in a drunken stupor not knowing what they were missing. Inside, word-of-mouth was spreading like wildfire. Christ Kappos, owner of CPKay Records, saw his record being sold at a side table: “It’s great to see my stuff here. I’m honored that my vinyls are displayed alongside the DJs mixing here tonight.”

Research has proven that in humans, anger and the aroused state attained through listening to music share more than a few similar physiological responses. By the beginning of m50’s set, the bass was a call to action for everyone with the beat in their bones to shed their skins and unite to feel the liquid circulation pulsating through their veins.

Checking out the crowd from the corner of the room, Mix Mup shared his two cents about the evolution of EDM since the 90s. “Nowadays, people are looking to the DJ. The idea of techno is people come together and have a good time together; it’s not about hyping the DJ.”

M50’s prowess is such that he blends in with the masses while simultaneously bringing them deeper into a state of interconnectedness. Tempo switches, stacked rhythms, and tone shifts are all a part of his synergistic snare. Touted by some as the next Jeff Mills and others as a humble guy, m50’s music promotes itself. Wishing to remain anonymous, one attendee said: “I’ve listened to over a hundred hours of this guy’s sets, at least. It’s quality.”

Toward the end of the show, many tourists, members of a meet up group, and core followers expressed hopes that this would be the start of something big for everyone involved. Like a drumroll before delirium, Anything Is Possible made people look forward to more tasty, prismatic tracks.

Review of Anything Is Possible @ Primary Saturday March 30th 2013
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