Resonate 8.0: Shameless Self-Expression

Whoever says disco is dead is wrong. Crafty costume design went live as Mindy Sherman donned an intricate disco ball outfit on Saturday, April 20, 2013 for Resonate 8.0: Year of the Snake. Illuminated from head to toe, MINLIGHT was a walking flashback, but in a good way. Of the community, she said : “FreakEasy has got to be one of the biggest personal networking events, where so many people seek to engage and inspire one another… this might be the exact essence behind the creative outpouring and expression through costumes, decorations, performances and random acts of kindness and love. That then gets networked with the right people to make even more happen.” On-lookers showed off their own shimmery pants and LED-studded hula hoops while shaking Sherman’s costume like a maraca to compliment the reggae dub beats.

Wigs spanned the spectrum of the rainbow at Metro/Smartbar’s peaceful free-for-all. In accordance with the 10 principles of Burning Man, this mini-festival attracted over 1600 people from far and wide, packing the place to its maximum capacity and spanning 3 floors of brick and mortar near Boystown.

Christopher Breedlove chose a corner of the main gallery to make snake stencils for t-shirts. The snake was reminiscent of Franklin’s “Join or Die” snake cartoon from the French-Indian war, but a lot more trippy. Breedlove waxed sentimental about the magic of Burning Man in Black Rock Desert, Nevada. Directly upstairs was Burners Without Borders, an NGO that focuses on disaster relief within local and international communities. Volunteers were passing out pamphlets of poetry written by preteens in prison. Part of an initiative to engage adolescents in artistic expression, the project espouses the communal aspect of the event.

Meanwhile, Knock Knock Hot Spot’s burlesque beats lead into gravity-defying human pyramids with hoops arranged like Stonehenge. “Call on the devil and an angel will come to the rescue.” That’s what happened when Peanut, an oil painter, displayed her work in a cozy 3rd floor corner. The art installations were balm for the glazed eyes gazing at the canvasses, waiting to be emblazoned with meaning.

CLEU–Consciousness, Life, Earth, Universe. These are the principles by which several members of the various tribes live. And the Russian Doll pins at the emPOWERtool photo booth reminded people that there is always more than meets the eye.

From the flame throwing in the courtyard to the unofficial rave in the basement, Resonate was a smorgasbord of tastes and talent. Snakes hold the power of regeneration, and this year’s Resonate proved that the community can connect and resonate with one another time and time again. With preparations for next year’s event will be underway in no time. If you are interested in getting involved, visit the Freakeasy website or contact Matt Fusello for more information.

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