Youandewan ‎– Disarray 12″ – Hype_LTD

Youandewan makes a splash with his new 12″ on Hype_LTD. While the self-consciously named imprint sometimes comes across as a bit ephemeral in its selections, these four tracks handily transcend that reputation.

Opening with the title track, Youandewan updates the loose acid ambient sound with the timing and palette of his more habitual newschool garage aesthetic, making for a sensitive and singular tune. Following that up, he throws together an Underground Quality-style deep house number, adding the flourish of a drawn-out vocal sample from the not-so-distant past. He roughly stays to this formula on B1, and then for B2 ramps it up with a slappier beat. Altogether, it’s a very modern record without sounding self-conscious or ironic, and in that it shows some genuine enthusiasm and emotion behind the beat.

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