Reson 12″ – Sex Tags Mania

This uncredited record is a (probably small) repressing of the already sought-after rarity from 2011. Sex Tags Mania has built a small, dedicated cult following for its fearless approach, a following helped along by a healthy dose of obscurity, strangeness, and mischief.

For this joint, the long version – titled “Excessive Mix” – is a tight, lo-fi house beat anchoring an epic synth voyage. Maybe vaguely reminiscent of the VHS tones of Legowelt‘s Teac Life sessions, but much more freeform and lyrical. On the flip, “Aftermath” is a stripped down, reverberated take on a similar feeling. It’s divided into a 3 minute section and a 6 minute section, and the latter gets wigged-out as it goes on, building a dischordant, unsettling feel onto the nostalgic chords of the A side mix.

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