Terekke – YYYYYYYYYY 12″ – L.I.E.S.

NYC’s Terekke returns on the acclaimed L.I.E.S. imprint for his eagerly-awaited second 12″. After his early release helped launch the oblique mystique of the young label back in mid-2011, his hand-stamped EP fell into some obscurity until it was repressed this year. Now comes the new release, with a full-art cover that hints at cosmic influences this time around.

His low-pressure, blunted style returns with the curiously named new release. On the A side, a sparse groove riffs around a blurry bassline and droning synths, much along the same lines as characterized his first release. Piano doesn’t stray far from this formula either, though it does differentiate by speeding up and moping deeper into the fog. B2 is the oddball here (as is so often the case,) its slowed plod moves under a dusty vocal sample and delayed wooden stabs that start to veer into Actress territory.

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