Blaktony – The Caddy Soul EP 12″ – Dockside

The latest release from this Detroit-via-Paris imprint is from an artist already making inroads with some established Detroit players: his earlier releases show ties with Aux 88 and the Detroit Techno Militia.

This time out, he’s more on the house than the electro and techno side of things, he’s slowed the beat down a little and uses a warm funk sound palette. The opening track, Can I, sounds a bit like a dry sketch to me, but he fills out the  other tracks with loose samples,  string stabs, and an ease that is instantly reminiscent of Andres recent hits – the summery swing of Caddy Soul’s slap bass draws and easy parallel between the two producers. The B side is the strength of the EP, though. With festive latin rhythms flanking spacious chords, the Moodymann style deep Detroit house of this groove gets even more sultry once he drops the Kiwi vocal sample into the spaces between. It’s certainly a record worth checking out, especially for this last cut where Blaktony truly hits his stride.

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