Various II 2xLP – 030303

Picking up roughly at the crossroads of Italy’s Nature imprint, UK’s Rephlex, and the Dutch Clone and Bunker empires, this young Utrecht-based label has assembled a second compilation to showcase its sound.

030303 enters with a well-defined stylistic range: they span IDM / braindance to cinematic synth soundtracks to trashy acid electro. Along the way they are gathering new artists (and aliases) like Kid Machine, Jonny3snares, Automatic Tasty,  while incorporating some of the pioneers of the form – 101 Force (DMX Krew), Dexter, Cosmic Force, Jared Wilson all notably feature.

It’s a fun slice of medium-raw electro with quirky touches, an occasionally retro feel, and beautifully polished packaging to contrast the rough goods. While it won’t surprise followers of these acts, its 10-track range could serve as a great primer for those just getting into this side of electronic music.

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