Having the Cake and Eating it Too

Sunday night’s guest set at Smartbar featured Czarina Mirani, a fitting name for Queen!, since Czarina means “queen” in Russian. Her birthday bash had a slow but strong start with Garrett David mixing obscure tracks for the gathering crowd. Michael Serafini took his spot after downing a Red Bull vodka. All eyes were on him when Czarina put her pink balloons behind the DJ booth, creating the most juxtaposing image I’ve ever seen.

The birthday cake was in the freezer, and the candles were waiting patiently behind the bar as the walls shook with the lifeblood of disco. By 12:30, the dance floor was packed with attractive people. There were latecomers and early arrivals, but almost everyone was dressed to impress, save for the occasional champion donning a tracksuit. Women wore faux furs and elevator shoes while whispers of powdered sugar sprinkled the night.

Czarina gave everyone a reason to celebrate with a party that was almost as rich as the cake. Here’s to another Queen! with flames and baked goods for all.

(review of Queen! Sunday September 22nd 2013)

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