Actress – Ghettoville 3xLP – Werkdiscs / Ninjatune

wdnt006Looking dapper on the cover of the latest issue of The Wire, Actress has clearly established himself as a distinctive figure in the realm of abstract electronica and UK bass music. His third album, apparently the end of a trilogy, sprawls unabashedly across this 3 record set. Here his tracks are  focusing more on texture and mood than any particular groove.

Further signaling the intent to close this chapter in his career, in addition to being packaged on its own the album is also being offered up as a boxset including CD and vinyl copies of this latest album alongside some of his earlier work. And the deluxe package spares no expense – the boxset comes in a sleek, unmarked black outer shell with text information shrouded on the inner surfaces. Within that, it houses an ornate assortment of monochrome packages, more bento box than nesting doll, the each of the inner boxes with die-cut covers revealing the sketched geometric patterns on the covers of the individual CDs and 12″s.

In sound, as in packaging, the Ghettoville album comes across as deliberately abstract, more whimsical than practical, and successful in being conspicuous.

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