Brendon Moeller – Tak 12″ – Kimochi Sound

kimochi8Another elegant, yet slightly dark, dubby affair from Area’s Kimochi imprint. This one features three takes on a track titled “Sitting Duck” by Steadfast records founder Brendon Moeller.

Moeller’s original take has a steady, almost tribal, rhythmic roll between the low end bass and drum lines. Over the top of this steady, lumbering stomp are layers of delayed vocal snippets, a nearly buried arpeggiated line and some really nice random synth work that works from foreground to background creating space and tension throughout the track. The first rework is by RDMA and features much of the same sound stylings of the original, however this is a more laid-back affair in the low end. This reminds me very much of the early 2000’s Trapez releases by Pleite (Donnacha Costello) or Rahn that my buddy and I were obsessed with. It has the same simple bassline with whooshing synths formula in play however slowed down a bit tempo wise. The final version, the “Skookum Easy Does It Dub,” really takes all of the elements of the original and blends them up into a rhythmic collage. Highly textured and infused with delays and subtle tweaks, it is more listening music than club fare but still stands strong on this three track EP.

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