Ruby – Foreword EP CD – Tevo Howard Recordings

rubyforewordBeautiful Granville Records works in tandem with Tevo Howard Recordings, which has been supported by Perc, Kate Simko, and other heavy hitters. Tevo Howard’s Ruby Foreword is somewhere in between water and air. Tender and atmospheric, it lends itself to meditative strolls with its angelic melodies. Howard continues to set himself apart from the enormous outpouring of similar music: It’s fresh, it’s catchy, it’s danceable, and it’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before.

“Available Light Part II” is springy and light. Tracks like “Undeclared” are a combination of nu-jazz and happy house, combining major key tonality and off-beat syncopation. This EP seems like a short and sweet algorithmic composition–it’s almost too holy to have been made by human hands alone. Like a Buddha Board water drawing that disappears in a matter of seconds, its ephemeral beauty will floor you. Get it at the store today.

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