Jeff Mills – Zones and Layers 12″ – Axis Records

mills1Jeff Mills is a man that needs no introduction: for more than two decades he has established himself to be a respected figure with his visionary contributions to music and art. Though Mills seems to have both feet firmly in the future, he has also been cited as seeing himself “grounded in an era that precedes the term ‘dance music'”. In a 2012 interview with Marcus Barnes, the ever articulate Mills states his intention to explore “subjects that are relevant and useful to the listener”.

Distributed exclusively by Gramaphone Records, Zones and Layers invites listeners into Mills’ ongoing fascination with the future and outer space. The EP is comprised of three techno tracks, each vision-provoking in its own way. Maybe my opinion is influenced by the fact that Jeff has scored numerous films, but it’s hard not to try and imagine what sort of visual representation these works could accompany. Each listener could take away something different from this record, which it seems is exactly what Jeff Mills hopes for.

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