Teebs – E S T A R A CD / 2xLP – Brainfeeder

bf044E S T A R A lends itself well to natural body movement. Walking, stretching, sex, and cooking are infinitely better with this quasi-movie-soundtrack playing in the background. Unlike most ambient music, it doesn’t fade from consciousness. “Holiday” leads listeners off the path most traveled into a verdant empty field. Through the mist, a film plays with a spot for you to lay down in the grass and soak in the dew. It’s not a hallucination, it’s Teebs’ style. Mtendre Mandowa is an LA producer with a penchant for easy listening. Learn how to float by listening to this album, and remember that it takes effort to make music sound effortless.

Steady percussion and jangling bells in “Shoouss Lullaby” build up to a moment, like locking eyes with a hypnotist in a crowded room. Lars Horntveth picks up the pace toward the end of the album in “12 Wavxxes”, a synthy, winded crescendo with saxophone samples and some glass breaking in this grand finale to your left field venture. Try playing the vinyl version at 45 rpm for a modern, danceable sample.

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