Dresvn – 016 12″ – Acido

R557798713982098881130Daring duo Dresvn gets deep as dirt in the cut with their latest untitled exorcism on an untitled 12 for Acido. The track is muddy and blurry and drifting, they’re groovy when they jam and the hypnotic quality of the material takes a quite different angle than Dozzy or Villalobos, but perhaps in a similar spirit of aimlessness. On the flip, DJ Sotofett’s breaks aren’t too edit-heavy but the sound effects and backspins are straight out of the 90s rave meltdown.

The night-and-day sides of this release are a heady contrast but with the overlap of the Sex Tags Mania / Acido / Sued following, it’s sure to be well-received.

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