Kimochi Sound In-store Thursday June 5th 2014

a2124185252_10Swing by Gramaphone records today for a release party featuring exclusive live sets from Strategy (ZamZam Sounds) and dreamlogicc aka Justin James; and a DJ set from m50.

Strategy’s latest release, Boxology, blends techno, house, hardware, and melody, which balances out Dreamlogicc’s hardware-centric music. It’s best to come expecting the unexpected. These three have been on the road and are ready to share their experiences with you, their listeners. Limited-edition copies of dreamlogicc, Strategy, and Kimochi releases will be available; get one autographed for your collection. There’s a limited number of these, so make sure you snag one before they sell out. Even if they do, there’s no shortage of gems to be discovered. Free pizza and beer will nicely lubricate the evening.

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