Various – Dystopian Dispatch EP 12″ – Perpetual Rhythms

CS52203401ABIGDystopian Dispatch is the second release on the Chicago based label Perpetual Rhythms. Comprised of 4 tracks, each offers their own element of deep.

Chicago Skyway teams up with brother and local hip-hop producer DJ Mar, to provide a warm, chugging groove with a tribal element. “Insecurities of a Man” carries a subtle funk that reveals vocal snippets along the way. Chords, tones and melodies intertwine over a subtle groove in DCook’s “Just Groovin’.” The harmonious elements seem to float spaciously over the galloping hi-hats and grounded 4 to the floor beat.

The flip side of this record features the sounds of Perpetual Rhythms founders, Nick Marshall and Victor Aguinaga. Taelue (Marshall) works a broken beat and sputtering synth line in “Embryonic.” Chords like cool liquid are juxtaposed with the aforementioned elements – for me, it is reminiscent of some of John Tejada’s early works. “Delayed Grooves” by Chicagodeep (Aguinaga), is synthetic and minimal: it ebbs and flows, slipping back into its groove after the occasional percussive stutter.

A very clear sounding yet raw house record, Dystopian Dispatch does a fine job of showcasing some of Chicago’s ascending artists. Hopefully we will see more releases soon from this local label.

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