Wada – Moonlight On Your Life 12″ – Wada

wada001Moonlight On Your Life gets as deep and Detroit chordy arpeggiated as you like. The titles imply that this could be two slices culled from the same session, or perhaps different representations of the same idea, but the moods are shifted considerably by the change in percussion and context. Both versions give a subtle uplifting movement, and are made of grooves that feel like they could go on much longer than the too-brief 45rpm allows.

While this is a Berlin-based project, it shares some of the weighty-synth drive that will appeal to fans of Leipzig’s Kann family. Apparently a bit restless, Wada’s latest is a remarkable departure from the more obscure leftfield stylings of his recent work as 1/2 of Tase, and is miles away from his eclectic, sometimes guitar-driven solo album.  Recommended.

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