Greg K – Antigua 12″ – Danzon Records

dr001Guatemala City’s Danzon Records comes to Chicago by tapping local 12 Stepp Music boss Greg K for its latest release titled the Antigua EP. With this EP, Greg K provides two original tracks and each track has an additional edit by another Danzon Records artist.

In “Antigua,” Greg gets things going with a thumping kick, double clap patterns and a staccato bass line to form the heart of the track. Layered over the top is a simple yet effective sax line that carries the melody aspect of the track. Various drum fills and sounds are used to transition between drum breaks as the track builds. For the edit of “Antigua” its JR Gonzo’s turn. He takes the tempo down a bit and adds some synth lines and more dramatic build ups during the break downs while also dubbing out the sax lines for a deeper effect. The next track is called “In Da Club” (ala 50 Cent) but bears no resemblance to its namesake. This one is a bit more of a broken beat affair at the beginning and works its way up into an almost progressive sounding synth melody with lots of squeaking and squelching LFO driven noises a little further back in the mix at key moments.

For the last track, edit duty is handed off to D Soul who also slows down the pace and creates a much deeper affair out of the parts and melodies of the original. This one is definitely more of a remix than an edit as only small components of the original were kept, but this is a nice reworking of a much bigger sounding track into something with a bit more depth.

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