Hakim Murphy – Spectrum Prints 12″ – Machining Dreams

mdreams013For his most recent release on his own Machining Dreams imprint, Hakim Murphy continues his love affair with raw, crunchy drum machine rhythms and otherworldly soundscapes.

For this release The highlights include “Beasts Of Tempura” which features some really pretty, almost Vangelis like, synth pads that move in and out while a low rumbling baseline rises beneath his seemingly continuously changing drum programming. The next standout for me on this one is “Ally” which really gets to the heart of what Murphy is trying to accomplish with the label, machine music with heart but lives in another dimension of dreams. There is something extremely beautifully hypnotic about this entire release but I think this track really captures something in its depth and simplicity but with some very unexpected sounds.

If you’re into the creative machine music sound this, like much of Hakim’s work, is a must have.

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