Hyperdub 10.3 compilation 12″ – Hyperdub

HDB065The appropriately-titled third installment of the series, this compilation turns over a new leaf for the label and the series. While the cast is somewhat limited to a cast of previous Hyperdub artists and affiliates (Lee Gamble, Jeremy Greenspan & Borys, and DVA seem to be the new additions), the sound is trimmed to include only ambient selections this time.

Far from a Kompakt’s Pop Ambient series, though, this is a hyper-modern, frequently jarring take on ambient music, taking pages from the Chillwave and Vaporwave movements with its use of discrete, preset-sounding sound patches and primitivist synthwork, much in line with the recent tendencies of Oneohtrix Point Never & the Mexican Summer imprint.

Still, it’s a conscious step away from the beat-driven and occasionally synthpop hinting work on the previous Hyperdub collections, taking the opportunity to grow the sound pallette and to continue to incorporate their broadening stable of contributors.

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