Dar Embarks – Fleer 2×12″ – stilove4music

STILOVE4MUSIC043This doublepack EP is a stark debut from the Chicago duo, a fresh discovery for Jerome Derradji’s Still Music sublabel. Reinforcing the raw, acrid sound mission of stilove4music’s blacklabel vinyl series, these are tracks aimed straight for the bassbins.

Voodoo 97 jumps out right away as a tribute to that mid-90s 808 State feeling, jamming on chord transpositions over breakbeat drum programs. It’s a standout as well because much of the remainder of the collection are centered around driving, modulating acid lines and a straight stomp. Still, even within that medium Dar Embarks sometimes show an uncommon versatility: compare the sly, libidinous groove of Rated Rookie to the frenetic rave energy of Polyp or Arcance.

Dar Embarks sets out harness the sound of another era for the energy of today, and seems to largely succeed in that effort.

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