Teleseen – Anamorph 12″ – Feel Up

FEELVN0001Dub house warrior Gabriel Cyr shows up on the unlikely outlet of Feel Up records, an NYC imprint founded by Jillionaire of Major Lazer. Perhaps appropriately, this label-launching EP showcases some of Teleseens’ more prismatic and dancehall-leaning tunes.

Nowhere is this lean more evident than on the neon keyboard work of Baalbek, closing out the record. Still, even underneath the fluttering synthesizers and soaring horns, there’s a hint of his earlier work in the dub basslines below. Rainy Season and Anamorph are both songs emphasizing syncopated stutter-step rhythms and tropical drums, but with a deep, reverberating digidub influence.

It’s a combination of influences that make for a unique and effective 12″ that makes evident Gabriel Cyr’s long dedication to his craft.

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