Gut Nose – Vicetopia 12″ – Styles Upon Styles

R574122014033566407507.jpegNew York’s Styles Upon Styles stays gritty with a second release from Gut Nose. Though maybe a bit more grounded in rhythm than the Filthy City album, this is still a grainy, distorted trudge through concrete blocks with gum on the sole of its shoe.

With a consistent aesthetic of abrasiveness across all of Gut Noses’ productions, here the focus seems to shift a bit towards the beats – on the A side Difficult To Escape moves around a heavy kick that distorts the atmosphere around it, a little extra funk is provided by loose percussion work and hand drums. Mystic Soul slows down the proceedings and hints at a jazzy chord just barely discernible in the background of the sonic melange, and then closing with the title track, an even more menacing industrial sound comes across with a dark bassline and jackhammer breakbeat.

While the distorted, dystopian approach is a signature for New York mainstays like L.I.E.S. and Adam X, this Brooklyn newcomer can’t be mistaken for an imitation, it’s a distinctive take on the technique.

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