BM/CW/CC – Spectrum EP 12″ – Styles Upon Styles

R-6249696-1415032491-8822.jpegBrendon Moeller, Clay Wilson and Certain Creatures (Oliver Chapoy) team up to concoct three techno episodes for Brooklyn’s Styles Upon Styles. The trio of tracks have a common style and sound palette: each is built upon a heavy bed of toms and carries a stifling weight.

“Spectrum I” starts off with chirping high frequencies that dive into room-shaking drums. Cosmic fidgets help to detail and balance out this bottom heavy behemoth. “Spectrum II” is marked by a dramatic, undulating, buzz saw-like synth and heavy reverb tails. The third chapter takes its time to develop; a melody slowly emerges from underneath a canopy of sputtering delays. This final installment channels more of an abandoned warehouse feel with rave-inspired textures and spaced out arpeggiations.

The entire EP consists of four to the floor, darker tinged techno, but I can see Spectrum I and III earning a bit more mileage here.

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