Achterbahn D’Amour – Odd Movements – The Remixes 12″ – Acid Test

CS556954-01A-BIGOn this 12″, various artists rework material from Achterbahn D’Amour’s 2014 album, Odd Movements. The source material was culled from a 2-disc LP soaked in acid-stained synth lines, each remix here tones down those elements drastically, revealing a much different perspective.

Similarly to the in the original song, Marcellus Pittman opens his remix with analog drums in his remix of “Holy Romance Empire.” He lends a quirky flair with the slowed down sample of the original riff; the result is a chunky, clumsy groove. Italy’s Dario Tronchin (Chevel) does some interesting warping of the original stems, for a sort of underwater acid effect. Flickering percussion and broken beats accompany his subdued take.

Simple yet effective drums combine with echoed percussion as Gerard Hanson a.k.a Convextion works magic in subtle ways. Hanson keeps the gritty, abandoned building feel in his version of “Passagen,” but he places more emphasis on the soft haunting atmospheres. SUED label owner SW. combines jangled percussion, trudging beats, and steamy pads to close out the record.

Rooted in techno, this release is spread across the board in terms of character. At times it is industrial, peculiar, and experimental.

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