Jacques Bon – Mona 12″ – Mule Musiq

jbFrench friend and collaborator of Christopher Rau, Jacques Bon strikes out on his own again here with a sophomore EP for Mule Musiq Japan.

He stays light on his toes, this nimble house music is much in the airy style of Smallville’s releases – gentle pulsing melodies and bells dominate a tentative bassline on Ciel Du Nuit, grainy chords and rolling lows almost completely wash over the stacatto snaredrums in Braun Weiss.

The B side is even more liberal in its effusive emotion, Easyarp is all softly cascading arpeggios, ascending basslines, and dynamic builds; Goodbye Mona is reminiscent of the naive tenderness of RVDS’s signature productions.

While these tracks eschew the cache of sample tropes and muscular production, they instead tap into the careless emotion of a different disco spirit.


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