Dreamlogicc – MDS001 12″ – Main Drain Studios

R609369914108958355188Label-launching 12″ from founder Dreamlogicc is as subtly tempting as it is intentionally¬†abstruse.

Fans of Actress & Kassem Mosse will find a lot to like here: the pitched-down samples and lopsided rhythms growl and thump to a nocturnal cadence. The tempos are unclear, the record takes on a death march plod at 33 and at 45rpm hints towards juke / footwork. Re Entry has a death-metal atmosphere with snarling vocals and a dirge-like bassline. Bleiben keeps that vibe going but ramps up the tempo with a stepping rhythm and snappy percussion. The inner two cuts switch up to a more electroid style – El En and Baab will both appeal to fans of Scape One or Andrea Parker’s haunting futurism.

The handmade package marks the first physical release from Dreamlogicc since relocating from Chicago to the West Coast, and it shows his singular voice continuing to resonate.

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