Plant43 – Return To The Sentient City 12″ – Semantica

R672525614253876261150.jpegSvreca’s Semantica takes a break from its purist techno onslaught to return to classic electro roots, not an entirely new direction (see ERP, Boris Divider, and earlier Plant43 releases) but a welcome reminder.

In fact, this release is literally a return, the title referencing a thematic reprise of Plant43’s 2012 “Dreams Of The Sentient City” and 2013’s “The Sentient City Awakens.” Part three focuses on breakbeat drum workouts and crisp, crystalline melodies. Another efficient 12″ from Semantica, it’s easily recommended for fans of Drexciya & Carl Finlow. This longtime UK proponent of sleek electronic retro-futurism knows his way around the machines.

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